Adoption congrats to:

Callum, Callie, Tux, Freya, Dewey, Ms McGillacuddy, Diamond, Abby, Kirby and DOC & CLYDE!

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Freya is adopted!

Hiya! My name is Freya and I am a gorgeous calico girl with emerald eyes. I came to Happy Cats as a pregnant stray and with my foster’s help, I […]


Hello fans, I’m Rhythm! I’m a beautiful brown tabby lady with stunning peridot eyes that don’t miss a thing. I came here from another rescue and am more than ready […]

Queen Kaia

Greetings subjects, I’m Kaia! I’m a big floofy lady with the long black locks of my Maine Coon cousins, just a bit smaller. You can tell by my tipped-ear crown […]


Well hello there, I’m Lyric! I’m a gorgeous tabby lady with rosettes of my cousins the Bengals, just no fancy papers. I came here from another rescue when I was […]


Howdy, I’m Gnocchi! I’m one of the Pasta Posse at Happy Cats, along with my siblings Lini, Orzo and Penne. We came here after we were rescued from a situation […]


Hi there, I’m Lini! That’s short for Ditalini, but I like my nickname too. I’m a sleek black house panther with big golden eyes, I’m one of the Pasta Posse […]

Shady & Storm

Shady & Storm are a very cute Momma & Baby pair. Storm absolutely loves his Momma! They came to Happy Cats to help out another rescue after they were found […]

Seamore & Leroy

If you’re looking for an awesome pair of floofs, meet our brothers Seamore & Leroy! Seamore is the dapper tuxedo and Leroy is the sweet brown tabby. Both have medium […]


Hi world, I’m Sunny and I’m here to make sure your bright days are here! I’m that rare jewel, a female orange tabby lady. I was rescued by a kind […]