Ask Ms. Kitty Helpline

Has this ever happened to you?

Help! My cat peed on my husband’s phone. Now he needs to go!
My boyfriend’s cat is destroying my furniture? Should I declaw her?
Our cat spends all her time under the bed and only comes out after we go to sleep.
My kitten is attacking my older cat. Now the older cat is peeing on the carpet!
I can’t get my cat to go in the carrier, so I can’t get him to the vet.
Our new cat bites and scratches me when I pat him or try to pick him up.
My cat pooped on my bed. I think he is mad at me for going on vacation.

Welcome to Ask Ms Kitty!

Happy Cats Haven offers support for our adopters through our adoption process, here on the website in our Resources and by email to our Ask Ms. Kitty Behavior Counselors.

We are now focusing primarily on cat guardians who have adopted from Happy Cats Haven. If you are a Happy Cats adopter with cat behavior issues, please call us at 719-362-4600. For more complex or longstanding behaviors, please contact Carole Galloway at Colorado Cats Behavior through this online Behavior Assessment to get started. She will get back to you within 3-5 business days. If it’s more urgent, please call us at 719-362-4600.

Please be prepared to spend time working with Carole to solve your kitty’s issues. This is a holistic process will involve not only your cat but all relationships–human and animal–in the home and can often take 6 weeks or more.

Our goal is to help all cats stay in their homes by reducing stress for everyone, cats and their guardians alike. If you are not a Happy Cats adopter, please contact one of the Feline Behavior Consultants, below, for help with any issues you may have. Their services and rates vary, so be prepared to give them details about your issues so they can tailor the best behavior plan for you and your cat.

Carole Galloway, Colorado Cats Behavior Consulting

Melissa Shandley, Play & Treat Pet Service

Billie Reynolds, Good Kitty Behavior

Lori Holmberg, Animal Expressions