Cat Guardian Angels

Our Happy Cats are looking for their Guardian Angels! For the cost of a monthly latte, you can make sure a litter of kittens gets food for a month, a cat or kitten gets fixed, a senior gets a dental or a colony stays warm. Your recurring gift helps us pay for these everyday expenses.

Why be a Kitty Guaridan Angel

Our recurring giving program of Guardian Angels is your opportunity to extend the impact of your gift to be felt for years to come. With each recurring donation, our team is able to provide medical care, behavioral support, and a safe space for all the kitties in our care, which brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal to eradicate feline homelessness in Colorado.

As a nonprofit shelter, we rely on community support to fulfill this life-saving mission. By becoming a recurring donor, you make it possible to plan, budget, and make decisions based on our available resources, ensuring that we can continue saving as many homeless cats and kittens as possible without interruption.

To Become a Guardian Angel:

You will also be recognized in our annual report unless you prefer to remain anonymous. We want to help you celebrate Happy Cats and all that we do!


Guardian Angel Partnerships are available at 4 annual levels with the following thank-yous:

Platinum Angel – $100+/month

  • Limited edition items handmade by volunteers
  • HCH volunteer made cat-themed ornament
  • 50% off Happy Cat shop items
  • 50% off qualified adoptions
  • Cat toy

Gold Angel – $50+/month

  • HCH volunteer made cat-themed ornament
  • 25% off Happy Cat shop items
  • 25% off qualified adoptions
  • Cat toy

Silver Angel – $10+/month

  • 10% off Happy Cat shop items
  • Cat toy


Bronze Angel – $5+/month

  • 10% off Happy Cat shop items

Our Guardian Angels provide ongoing donations that help us sustain the cats and kittens year-round. You keep a roof over their heads, food in their bowls and love in their lives until they find their forever families. We are so grateful to your support!

Amanda Kruse
Kevin E. Knapp
Rachel Bentley
Vickie Smith
Kimberly & James Sisneros
Sylvia Argilla
Marilyn Lehl
Audra Martin
Lori & Larry Goldman
William Daughton
Jeanne Wilson
Veronica Romero (in honor of my cats)
Sharon A. Parmentier (in memory of Mama’s Little Man William)
Roberta Hatch
Lisa Pibal
Nick and Nikki Zavatti
Ana Behrenberg
Chris & Barbara Grossman
Karla Goyette
Mike Ferguson
Jennifer Jacobson
Colorado CATS
Darren Jeppson & Jerraud Coleman
Carlos Bonilla
Cynthia Williamson
John Keller
Joy Bears
Amy Brooks
Lyn Harrison & Sam Marsh
John Coleman
Jeffrey Cohen
Gary Lundberg
Elle Dignazio

Sarah Chamberlain
Charles & Janice Harvell
Don Zupanec
Rachel Beisel
Angie Phetteplace
Kimberly & Hayden Myers
Sherrill Reed
Susan Stenman
Roxanne Phillips
Flo Raitano
Arlina Duran
Janice Dowsett
Lisa Lucero
Rhonda Palmer
Sue & Dave Cattoor
Ling Goddard
John Zimmerman
Garren Dunn
Pat Fury
MaryBeth Bradley
Linda Tomlinson
Linda L. Smith (in memory of Jane Schneider)
Patricia Rustanius
James W. Halpenny
Patricia Yeager
Raelee Eicke
In memory of Tiger
The Powells
Mary Parkinson
Lori Mohr
Jemi Steele
Steven & Pamela Powell
Rona Malewit

The Colorado Gives website is a secure place to make your pledge to keep us going. Tap here for our Colorado Gives webpage.