Whether born outside or abandoned there, trying to survive on the street is traumatizing to a kitten or cat. Our foster families help us turn frightened kitties into lifelong Happy Cats.

If you love cats but can’t commit to having one full-time, the perfect solution can be to foster a cat or kitten! We provide everything you need to care for them. You need only provide the space, the time and the love.

two white kittens in a blanket in need of a cat foster home

Fun with Kittens

Kittens have about a 4-month window to socialize into friendly, well-mannered and confident cats.

Teaching children how to meet the needs of animals and read their body language increases empathy and patience. Foster a kitten to experience the joy of kittens and feel great about saving these little lives instead of adding to the problem of feline overpopulation!

Military Families, Seniors or Students

Fostering a cat is a great choice if you travel a lot, are in temporary housing or want kitty companionship but can’t commit long-term. Give us your timeframe and we’ll match you up to a foster cat or kittens who need as much love as you have to give.

foster kittens watching fish swim on a television
a cat foster parent pets a happy white cat

Grownup Cats Need Love Too

Sometimes we take in cats who are adoptable but need a little ‘vacation’ from Happy Cats to stay happy. Others may need some extra behavioral help to really shine when they come into the Haven. Welcoming one of these cats into your home to foster can be just as rewarding as having kittens.

Apply Here

Please fill out our Foster Volunteer Application or contact us at 719-362-4600 if you have an interest in becoming a Happy Cats Foster.