Lili & Mari


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Bonded pair, Female

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Meet our two sweet tabby sisters, Lilian and Marian, known as Lil and Mari! Lil is the one with the more angular features and Mari is more round faced, with a tipped ear badge of courage that shows she was rescued from trying to survive on the streets.

They were rescued from a bad situation at a trash company as wee kittens. They had a wonderful foster mom as kittens, so have come a long way from their early days of being terrified of humans. Because of that, though, they will start out as Wallflowers in new situations, hiding somewhere they feel safe and observing for a few days.

Once they feel safe, though, they will turn into very loving cats, purring and ready for pets. We expect they’ll be a balance of Kitty Admin, wanting to know where you are, with a streak of independent, able to entertain themselves when you’re not around…and sometimes when you are😻!

Lil tends to be a little more confident and will likely be the one who adapts first, coming out to her new family for purrs and pets. Mari is a little more reticent, needing to know 100% that her new home is safe before she takes a chance again on love. Once she does, though, she’s just as much about the head-bonks and purrs as Lil is. We expect they’ll be great little sidecar cats, cuddling up beside you on a cold winter’s night.

Both are still youngsters at 1.5 years, so playtime is still one of the best ways to their hearts. Mari is the lead playgirl who loves to leap and run with just about any wand toy, with Lil not far behind her!

These two ladies will blossom in a calm and quiet, stable environment with just adults to care for them. They do not like to travel. They grew up with other cats so may do well with another cat or two who is known to like other cats. They will need a gentle and slow introduction for that please. These kitties should be indoor only cats.

Because of all they’ve been through, they are bonded and need to stay together. They can be adopted together for $120 which includes their spays, vaccinations, microchips, food and litter starter kits, and a free well-kitty checkup each to help you get started. We recommend you wait at least a month until they are coming out and interacting in their home until you take them to the veterinarian.

You can click here to fill out an Adoption Application or leave a message at 719-725-4970. Someone should get back to you during our adoption hours Wednesday – Sunday by 5 pm . If you need to contact someone more quickly, please call 719-362-4600 and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 48 hours.