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Don Juan is adopted!

Hi, there! I’m Don Juan! I’m a very handsome flame point sir with gorgeous blue eyes that show off my Siamese heritage. As you can probably tell by my ear […]

Hazelnut Is Adopted!

Hi! I’m Hazelnut, but you can call me Hazel! I’m a gorgeous little calico with beautiful yellow eyes. I was brought to Happy Cats when I was found as a […]

Portia & Leif are adopted!

Meet Portia and Leif! This adorable pair of bonded siblings came to Happy Cats when they were found trying to survive outside. They’ve decided they’re much happier indoors, and are […]

Sansa is adopted!

Well, hi there! I’m Sansa, also known as Santesa!  I’m an adorable little calico lady with gentle yellow eyes. I was brought to Happy Cats when I was found struggling […]

Leesi is adopted!

Hi! My name is Leesi and I am a gorgeous dilute calico lady with precious green eyes. I am a Hemo Hero! I came from a facility that helps other […]

Scooby is adopted!

Well, hello there! My name’s Scooby! I’m a big handsome little gray floofy boy with beautiful gold eyes. I have the long glossy fur and size of my Maine Coon […]

Wendell is adopted!

Howdy! My name is Winston. I am a silky long haired boy with a subtle white locket and eager eyes. I am a well-rounded, energetic and curious kitty, still adventurous […]

Caramel is adopted!

Hi! I’m Caramel! I’m an adorable little tortie floof with bright yellow eyes. I was brought to Happy Cats when I was found outside as a baby kitten, trying to […]

Leia is adopted!

Hello, there! My name is Leia and I am a gorgeous torbie lady with lovely green eyes. I am a true Princess with my kind and discerning personality. I am […]