Feline Purrsonality Scale

This is an easy way to rate our kitties from most confident (Party Animal) to most shy (Wallflower). It helps you find your purrfect cat or kitten and helps you match to the cats you already have at home.

Kitty Admin, Snuggle Bunny or Funny Valentine is usually the most adaptable to other cats. A Party Animal is usually best paired with a Kitty Admin, so they don’t overwhelm a Funny Valentine or Wallflower, unless they grew up together. Just remember: cats are fluid and can move from one Purrsonality to another or combine their own custom Purrsonalities!

Party Animal

This cat is outgoing and confident, usually playful and likes to be in charge of other cats. Usually enjoys physical affection.

You’ll know me by the lampshade on my head. It only got there because I saw a bug on the light, I tell ya! I work hard to make you smile with my purrs and laugh with my antics, but I can slow down and cuddle with the best of them.


Kitty Admin

This cat enjoys human company and will usually follow their family around to hang out in close proximity. Usually enjoys physical affection.

I’m your best feline friend forever! I love following you around and helping with whatever you need, wherever you need me. I’ll supervise your world to run smoother every day & throw in lots of snuggles and purrs for free!


Snuggle Bunny

This cat is not overly confident but enjoys physical affection from humans and usually accepts other cats.

Wanted: snuggles, chin scratches, and a loving human to go with them. If you’re looking for someone to share purrs and warm laps with, I’m just the cat you need. Come settle in for some private time so I can show you what a loving kitty I am!

Funny Valentine

This cat is shy and needs some time to adjust, but may be affectionate once settled at home.

I may need a little time to warm up, but once you earn my trust, I’ll be there for you forever. When you need a little space, I can entertain myself. But give me some one-on-one time and I’m saving my best purrs and headbonks just for you.


This cat is very shy and will need to feel safe before coming out. May not be conventionally pettable or handleable.

I’ll keep a watchful eye on everyone in your house but tend to keep to myself so your secrets are safe with me. You might have to go a little slowly to earn my trust but I promise I’m worth it.