Buffer & Levi are adopted!


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Meet Buffer and Levi, huge handsome bonded brothers ready to turn up your purrs 100%! Buffer is the buff tabby with luscious long fur and tufty toes like his cousins the Maine Coons and Levi is his lynx point adopted brother with ice blue eyes that show off his Siamese heritage.

They came to Happy Cats when their people added several new cats to their home, making the boys insecure and unhappy. They’ve been happy and content since they’ve been in foster care with no other animals.

Both boys are full-time Kitty Admins, ready to follow you around and supervise your day with almost constant snuggles & purrs. Levi leads the way to show Buffer what to do, while Buffer is the classic little brother, waiting for Levi to make the first move but right behind him.

They are both big loverboys with people, always ready for laptime and purrs. Levi loves to start with a vigorous biscuit-making session to show you his love (you might want to have a Biscuit Pad handy) and then rolls around on his back looking for head scritches and gazing at you lovingly. Buffer takes a back seat (let’s face it, most laps don’t have room for nearly 30 pounds of felines!) but loves to snuggle in next to Levi or sidecar style next to your legs.

They aren’t couch potatoes though…get out just about any kitty wand and they’re all over the place, leaping and pouncing! They’re great with playing at the same time as long as you have two wands going so they don’t have to share. Buffer makes the cutest little mews as he plays, like he’s talking to his toys.

They aren’t super cuddly with each other, but can often be found grooming and giving each other kisses. They are wonderful companions and would be very upset if they didn’t have each other in their new home.

The boys were raised on a raw diet but have been transitioned to kibble. They’ll appreciate having some easy-to-use freeze dried raw food in their diet, which will also keep their coats glossy and soft.

These big sweethearts will probably fit in well with just about any human family, but really need to be your only Kings of the Castle to thrive and feel like they won’t be displaced again, no other cats or dogs.

Levi is 9 years young, so he can be adopted for $100 as a Siamese mix. Since he and 5 year-old Buffer are bonded, Buffer gets to go home with him for half off at $145 for both. That includes their neuters, vaccinations, microchips, food and litter starter kits, and a free well-kitty checkup each to help you get started!

You can tap here to fill out an Adoption Application or leave a message at 719-725-4970. Someone should get back to you during our adoption hours Wednesday – Sunday by 5 pm . If you need to contact someone more quickly, please call 719-362-4600 and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 48 hours.