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Thanks for your interest in our kitties! If you have any questions about any of our available kitties feel free to call us at 719-362-4600.

We are open by appointment only so please give us a call!

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Herro! My name is Catticus and I am handsome boy with a perfect white mask and a black […]


Hi there! My name is Finch and I am a medium haired tuxedo girl with a heart of […]


Greetings! The name is Cherry and I am an adorable little girl with panda like markings and a […]


MEOW! Watermelon is the name and I am a sweet black and white tuxedo kitten with neat little […]


, Greetings! The name is Apricot or Cot for short! I am a uniquely pattern tuxedo boy with […]


Well hello there! The name is Elvira and I am a beautiful micro panther with sleek black fur […]


Hello there! The name is Casper and I am a handsome brown and black tabby boy with a […]


Well hello there! The name is Cloud and I am a darling grey and white tabby girl with […]


Hello cat admirers! My name is Dusty and I am a sweet dilute tabico girl white the whitest […]


Howdy! The name is JJ and I am a handsome little boy with long white and orange fur! […]


Howdy! The name is Tattoo and I am a bootiful tabico girl with bright round eyes and a […]


Howdy, I’m Charlie! I’m an adorable little tabby boy who’s ready to take on the world! I came […]


Hey there, I’m Sonia! I’m a beautiful orange and white patch tabby with youthful yellow eyes. I came […]


Greetings! My name is Ms. Kitty and I am a beautiful brown and white patched tabby with a […]

Ms. Kitty

Hello there, my name is Sterling and it’s great to meet you! I am a dashing grey boy […]


Hello world, I’m Crystal! I’m a gorgeous dilute tortie with big green eyes and extra thumbs, a polydactyl […]


Hi, I’m Mellon! I’m a 6 year old brown tabby lady just waiting to find my new forever […]


Hey there! My name is Lala and despite the name I’ll have you know that I am the […]


Hi, hi! My name is Tinky Winky and it’s a pleasure to meet you! My luxurious short fur […]

Tinky Winky


One evening while delivering pandemic packages during a freezing storm last winter, an Amazon driver named Amanda turned […]


Greeting and salutations! The name is Princess and I am a darling Lynx point Siamese with bright blue […]


Hi world, I’m Sally! I’m a solid silver kitten with bright amber eyes that don’t miss a thing, […]

Sally is adopted!

Greetings! The name is Lovey and as my name suggest I am a sweet loving girl with grey […]

Lovey is adopted!

Hey there! My name is Iggy and I am a bouncy, playful bundle of joy despite my slight […]

Iggy is adopted!

Hello there! The name is Turbo and I am shorthair calico girl with long neat white whiskers and […]

Turbo is adopted!

Heya! The name is Puff and I am a darling calico girl with long soft fur and a […]

Puff is adopted!

Hi there, my name is Jax! I am a white patch tabby male with a striped brown patch […]

Jax is adopted!

Hello there, my name is Maddie! I am a dashing black and white tuxedo lady with a black […]

Maddie is adopted!

Hiya! The name is Pebbles and I am a darling micro pantherette with a white locket on my […]

Pebbles is adopted!

Scroll down to see adorable pictures of me and my foster sister! Hi there! My name is Violet […]

Violet is adopted!

ME-OW! My name is Cosmos and I am a big, talkative chocolate point Siamese mix with bright blue […]

Cosmo is adopted!

Dear Kathy (a love letter), We are all so happy when we get to hang out with you! […]

Kathy is adopted!

Pleased to meet you. My name is Rocket, although every once in a while I will answer to […]

Rocket is adopted!