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Thanks for your interest in our kitties! If you have any questions about any of our available kitties feel free to call us at 719-362-4600.

We are open by appointment only so please give us a call!

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Kurt is the name and finding a new furever home is my game! I am a dashing sleek […]


Hi there! The name is Otto and I am a dashing little boy with curious bright eyes and […]


Hi there! The name is Luna and I am a bootiful grey and white tuxedo with bright round […]


Hi, my name is Jett and I am so happy to meet you! I am wearing my favorite […]


Charlie is the name and I am a sweet medium furred boy with hazel eyes and black tabby […]


Hiya! My name is Wilbur and I am pale colored ginger boy with gentle green eyes and a […]


Howdy! The name is Star and I am a beautiful grey and white tuxedo girl with a pink […]


Handsome micro panther here to bring you the good news, I am available for adoption! Teddy is the […]


Greetings, I’m Stevie! I’m a beautiful catolescent with the soft silver fur of my Russian Blue cousins, only […]


Hello world, I’m Twyla! I’m a sleek black mini panther, ready to steal my way into your heart! […]


Howdy, I’m Chip! I’m a handsome little tuxedo fellow with perfect white paws, bib and a cute little […]


Hello there! My name is Shyler and I am a sleek micro panther girl with bright yellow eyes. […]



Greeting! The name is Beetlejuice…..Beetlejuice….Bee- AH! Say my name three times and I will come running to my […]


Well hello, I’m Bean! My friends call me Beanie Baby and I’m an adorable little pantherette with a […]


Howdy, I’m Linden! My friends call me Lindy and I’m a sleek black house panther, just waiting to […]


Hello! My name is Electra and I am that rare beauty, a solid orange tabby female. I have […]


Hello, I am Hermia! I am a dazzling purebred Burmese lady with short jet-black fur gracing my face, […]


Hi, I’m Mellon! I’m a 6 year old brown tabby lady just waiting to find my new forever […]


Hi there! My name is Carbon and I am a sleek micro panther looking for my new furever […]

Carbon is on hold!

Greetings, my name is Copper and I am darling little calico girl with a cute black chin and […]

Copper is on hold!

Well hello there, my name is Fern and I am a fluffy grey girl with fabulous white whiskers! […]

Fern is adopted!


Be sure to scroll all the way down to see all my wonderful pictures! Greetings! The name is […]

Bobby is adopted!

Hi there, I’m Falcor! I came here with my sister Dragonfly when we were rescued from a situation […]

Falcor is adopted!


Greetings, the name is Nellie and I am a lilac point Siamese mix with Icey blue eyes and […]

Nellie is adopted!

Hi there, I’m Lady Dragonfly! My friends just call me Dragonfly and I’m an adorable little Siamese mix […]

Lady Dragonfly is adopted!

Be prepared to be greeted by dazzling golden eyes on a sleek micro panther body! Hi, my name […]

Draco is adopted!

Hi world, I’m Thor! I’m an adorable little seal point fellow with big ice-blue eyes that show off […]

Thor is adopted!

Howdy! The name is Nyx and I am a spunky micro panther with nice big ears and bright […]

Nyx is adopted!

The name is Chibi! As you can see from my beautiful picture above I am a gorgeous Siamese […]

Chibi is adopted!

The name is Loki! I am a dashing Siamese mix with pale blue eyes and chocolate points! I […]

Loki is adopted!

My name is Callista and I am a green eyed beauty with soft grey fur with fun orange […]

Callista is adopted!

HIYA! My name is Meows and I am a chatty little calico girl with bold splotches of orange […]

Meows is adopted!

I am the embodiment of Miss Congeniality, nothing ruffles my pleasant and kind purrsonality. I am the nurturing […]

Sassy is adopted!

Howdy! The name is Jasper and I am a dashing ginger boy with amber colored eyes and extra […]

Jasper is on hold!

Hi! My name is Bjorn and I am a handsome fellow with striking golden fur and matching white […]

Bjorn is on hold!

Hey there, I’m Sonia! I’m a beautiful orange and white patch tabby with youthful yellow eyes. I’m that […]

Sonia is on hold!