Kitty Superheroes

Happy Cats is looking for some special cat people….to pair with some special cats.

Are you the one who often hears, My cat never comes to anyone but me, but he really likes you!

Are you thrilled when a shy cat first leans into a pet?

Do you have the patience to take months to gain a cat’s trust?

If you’re cat-savvy and willing to let the cats teach you even more, come be our Kitty Superhero!

Our Superhero Kitties went through a lot before they came to us. They were either cats with very rough kittenhoods or cats traumatized by humans as adults.

We give them all the time and love they need to regain their trust in humans, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Sometimes they can’t fully blossom until they are in the care of a loving family. They need a hero!

Our volunteers have worked hard to recover their trust and learn everything about these kitties: their stories, triggers and passions…and we want to share that.

These kitties come with a Superhero Kit that helps you support them while they become the lovable companions we know they can be. This includes a home installation, a top/side loading carrier per kitty, support materials & videos customized for your kitty, a mini-class in Hands Down Handling, their favorite toys & bedding, 3 months of food/litter/treats, up to 1 year of professional behavioral counseling if needed and other equipment as needed.

This is what they need from you, as their Superhero:

  • A Safe Room that can be theirs alone, for at least 2 months
  • At least 3 months committed to letting them bloom at their own pace
  • The willingness to learn some shy cat techniques to show them how much you care

With your help, all our Superhero Kitties can turn from the terrified kitties above into loving companions like this!