Joey is my inspiration 4

In October of 2020 I met a little kitty at Happy Cats named Joey. He had a severe eye infection in both eyes.

He could not see but whenever you went near him and called his name he immediately started purring. My heart went out to him and after awhile I could not get my mind off of him. His eyes were taken and in December of 2020 he became a part of my family.

He amazes me everyday, the way he runs around my apartment and the way he plays, you would never know he is blind.

He is such an inspiration to me so much that anytime I can help an animal with disabilities I am there. He has taught me to be thankful for everything I have.

Joey has an older brother and they are the best of buds.

I love them both so much and cannot imagine my life without them!

Sarah McDowell

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