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Mr. Cat is a handsome lynx point fella who was TNR’d back in 2010. Cared for by kind-hearted community members at the Amarillo Motel, he was living his best community cat life as part of a managed colony there.

 Our TNR Cares program helped provide food to this colony as part of the 300 meals A DAY we provide to community cats in El Paso County! This food is donated as part of a partnership with Rescue Bank and our Give! matching grant partner, St. Paws Thrift Store. Unfortunately, Mr. Cat’s main caregiver passed away but a nice neighbor stepped in to feed Mr. Cat & his friends.

Then the motel sold and Mr. Cat’s caregivers were all evicted. He and his kitty friends needed help and a place to land. So when their caregivers reached out to Happy Cats, through our TNR Coordinator, Barb, we stepped up and brough him and 12 of his kitty friends in.

A little nervous at first, Mr. Cat took some time adjusting to the shelter environment. It was especially scary around 4th of July with all the fireworks were going off. But, our special group of behavior volunteers helped by providing consistency, safety, and love. They were a caring presence for him which helped him relax and show his true lovebug self and he fully turned in his tom cat card!

That is when he won his adopters’ hearts and was whisked off to become a spoiled house cat! They recently reached out to let us know that Mr. Cat, now named Jet, is super happy in his home! His parents report he is the sweetest, and most vocal, kitty. He is getting all the loves, snuggles, and cuddles! 

Happily ever after stories like this are only possible with donors like you! Please consider giving through our Give! Campaign where your dollars will be DOUBLED by our generous matching grantors! Help put food in their bowls, a roof over their heads, litter in their boxes, and love in their hearts until they find their forever homes – and do all that while doubling your impact with our matched donations!!!

A massive thank you to our Give! matching grantors:

Betsy and Chris Miller
Gettin Crafty Boutique
Happy Cats Haven Board of Directors
In Honor of Robert H. Amos
Janice & Alan Obye
Jerry & Lisa Pibal
Rescued Hearts Unique Boutique
Sarah Roach
St. Paws Thrift Store
Sue & Dave Cattoor
Tchoupitoulas, LLC
Vickie & Gaylord Smith

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