Winter and Autumn have found their purrfect furever home!

Winter and Autumn, and their other 3 siblings, were found outside as wee little babies. A kind Samaritan brought them in and took care of the ginger lot until they were old enough to come to Happy Cats Haven.

They promptly went into foster care where they received more love and care until they could all be vaccinated, spayed, and neutered. All of the kittens in this litter were a range of orange colors ranging from buff to dark rusty orange.

What’s more amazing is there were 3 little girls and only 2 boys! Females are rarely orange so this was a unique bunch.

It wasn’t long after they came back to Happy Cats Haven to await their new furever family that we had a nice young couple come in and immediately adopted them.

Since their adoption they have found many new places to cuddle up and enjoy life to the fullest.

These girls have a permanent smile on their faces and we couldn’t be happier for them.

They’ve even taken a few piano lessons to entertain their new cat parents!