Snugglers Ciri & Geralt

Merry Christmas from Ciri & Geralt! These two beautiful floofs were rescued from trying to survive outside and now they’re living their very best lives.

Their catmom Tonya says, “The kitties are doing great, we love them to pieces. They entertain us zooming around the house in the mornings, and spend their nights snuggled in bed with our daughters. During the day they can often be caught snuggling together, like the photos.

Ciri is a little lovebug, she demands attention and to be snuggled. She has the most adorable tiny meow that makes it impossible to resist her. She loves toy mice, and we often wake them placed at each of our bedroom doorways.

Geralt is more reserved (except for when he’s sleepy and you have a soft blanket, or he’s trying to convince you to share your snack). He loves his chin scratched, and he loves to play. His favorite spot is a cat tree we have by the window, where he can watch the birds. He always needs to know where everyone is, and will walk around the house meowing if he can’t find his sister, or one of the girls.”