Pumpkin & her Patch

Mallory came to Happy Cats with her babies because she kept having too many kittens. Of course we are happy to help free momcats from being slaves to litter after litter.

She is a beautiful tortie with the short tail of a Manx. Her daughter Mina looks a lot like her except for her long tail and amber eyes.

Mallory was happy for pets but Mina was skeptical. With the love of our volunteers, she improved so much that a wonderful couple fell in love with them both.

Autumn and Nate sent us an update not long after they were adopted:

“We’re doing purrfectly fine in our new home, and thought we’d give some updates! We’ve been renamed to Pumpkin (Mom) and Patch (Kitten), and have cute new matching collars we’re starting to get used to a few hours a day!

We’re also getting harness trained, our new mom says she’s going to take us on walks soon! We love our new cat tower and window spots in particular since they have live bird TV to watch. We also get tons of playtime!

Between Mom & Dad we get a good hour in a day so we’re nice and tired for bedtime (Pumpkin loves to be tucked in under the blanket). We both love to curl up by feet, but can’t help but bat at them when our humans move. Also, our new mom makes our cat food from scratch and we really love our local butcher. Overall, life is great!”

Autumn added, “We’re so thankful for our little angels, and wanted to let you know how good they’re doing now that they’ve settled in!

Patch is becoming a sweet and socialized kitten, but they’re both kitty secretaries for now until we go to sleep (then we get all the cuddles). Patch is still getting the hang of the litter box but between Pumpkin being a role model, plenty of patience, and treats we’re getting there slowly.

They got to try out different boxes and litter but it seems they still like the old stuff the best! The both have such wonderful personality starting to shine through, and I can’t wait to see how they continue to open up. ”

Recently Autumn added, “Mallory is learning to play from her kitten, and Mina is learning how to snuggle like Mallory! They’re great companions and excellent snugglers when the mood strikes them.

“Thanks to Happy Cats for helping us find the rest of our family ?. It wouldn’t be the same without them!”