Simba loves Nala 3

Nala and Simba may look like they have been best friends forever, or even littermates, but it took both luck and love to get there.

Sunflower came back to Happy Cats after her people decided they didn’t want her any more. A beautiful and rare orange tabby lady, she seemed sad and uninterested in other cat friends.

But along came Brad, looking for a companion of his own. She perked right up when they met at Catology Cat Hotel, where our friends there were letting her stay. It wasn’t long before he swooped her up and she settled right in with him, sharing purrs and laptime.

Brad is one of our volunteers, so he was at Happy Cats when Troubs came in. Also an orange tabby, he was a fluffy catolescent who also came back because his people couldn’t care for him.

Unlike Sunflower, Troubs hadn’t lost his faith in humans. A happy little guy, he kept trying to make friends with our other cats, but fate had other plans for him!

Once Brad saw what a handsome gent he was, he thought Troubs might be just the right friend for Sunflower.

Now called Nala and Simba, Nala took a little time to realize she needed to share Brad. A handsome pair of gingers, now she and Simba are good friends who trade playtime and cuddle time and adore their Cat Daddy!

3 thoughts on “Simba loves Nala

  • Karla Siemens

    OMG such an amazing story! Shows that patience working on kitty timeline will allow kitties to make their own decisions. This story make me SO happy. Yea, Brad…. yea, Nala and Simba ♥️💞

  • Karla

    Look at those two! Brad must have taken a lot of time to slowly introduce these two! Happiness all around ❤

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