Cat’s cat Holly Nicole

Holly Nicole I adopted from Happy Cats December 2018.  When I first brought her home, I thought I had adopted a feral cat!  I truly didn’t know what to do with her and how to get her to know she’s safe and secure in my home.

She was terrified.  It has taken time and she finally began to emerge, to explore, and to find she liked the other kitties in my home.  She has her favorites for sure, like she loves my Maine Coon.  But she truly gets along with all the other kitties and does prefer their company moreso over mine.

She is playful.  She loves her personal basket to sleep in.  She’s a really good kitty.  Doesn’t get on the counter tops and rarely on the furniture altho she is welcomed to lie on the furniture.  She will get on the chaise lounger once in awhile.  I do wish she would allow me to pet her but she has not decided that is okay yet.

She will take chicken from my fingertips though!  And she will talk to me, particularly when she’s wanting food.  She has the cutest sweetest little meow.  And she is so pretty to look at.  I respect her space and allow her to approach me on her terms.  I do hope that one day she will decided that I’m okay and will allow me to pet her.  But I am grateful that Happy Cat Havens rescued her and valued her life and allowed me to adopt her.