Wednesday finds her family

Sleek mini-panther Wednesday came to us because she was attacking her guardian’s other cat and guarding the door. She had good reason, though, as she had four little kittens to protect!

We brought her into foster care, where she was still on guard. Once she learned that she and her babies were safe, she did great with her foster family.

No longer in mamabear mode but still a slip of a kitty, barely bigger than her kittens, she only wanted to be loved when she came back to us. She was still a little fearful so we gave her a room to herself.

But once she was introduced, she was happy to come out to meet people. Which is what happened when Amanda came in with her son. Soon she was cuddled on his lap, purring.

Amanda says, “Wednesday is fitting in just perfect. She is the sweetest girl.

She loves attention and has started sitting in both Stephen’s and my laps. I was a little worried at first that she would take only to me but she is very demanding of attention from Stephen too, with a soft meow.

She still chooses to spend more of her days in my bedroom but she definitely owns the house now too. She will come when called. We had to get a covered litter box as she’s definitely a litter kicker!”

We’re so glad she’s such a part of the family now!