Snapdragon & Poppy

Rescued off the street as tiny orphans, sisters Snapdragon and Poppy share the colors of their soft pastel and gray tortoiseshell fur. They had loving care with one of our foster families and were adopted to a family with very excited children.

Times change and we never know what challenges families face, but two years later we got a call from the Humane Society the girls had been left there.

We always offer a safety net for our Happy Cats that lets them land back with us at any time. We were sad their family didn’t honor our agreement, but grateful that HSPPR gives us the opportunity to rescue them again.

The ladies were a little shellshocked from all the changes, but slowly regained confidence as they realized they were safe. A couple of months later, they were on their way to Denver with their new catdad.

He says they are amazing, and they certainly have an amazing life now, with fine city views…

…wonderful new toys…

…an obvious say when it comes time for dinner…

…and even being dedicated in their very own tattoos!

But the best part? They still have each other to groom and purr, rest assured they’re safe and finally relax, after all they’ve been through.