To Karen with love

Teeny Bette came in from a hoarding situation and needed a little TLC at first. The smallest of her litter, her brothers quickly outgrew her.

She started to hang out by herself to keep safe from their antics. It made her foster family sad to watch her unable to join in their reindeer games.

Then they took in Tidbit, another foster kitten even smaller than Bette, with a tail broken in 3 places. Her foster mom says, “One day Bette curled herself around Tidbit and never left her side. We were amazed at how gentle and protective she was.”

It seemed like Tidbit was exactly what Bette needed. She became the star of their house, helping her foster mom clean by actually jumping in front of the vacuum!

She would drag her foster dad’s work papers off his desk and take off to her special paper hoarding spot. He insisted they talk to her like a human because she was so smart,  she understood every word.

As she became older (and Tidbit got better), it was like she said to herself, “My work is done” and let Tidbit go.

When she came back to Happy Cats, they let her loose in the Lobby. She walked with her foster mom for a while, saying hello to everyone. Then she walked away, so calm and confident and elegant, ready for her new life.

That new life showed up within hours, a busy family who were just what Bette needed!

Her new family says, “We changed Bette’s name to Karen. We love her spicy tortietude.

She has taken a liking to our orange boy Tim. She loves playing with our kids as well.

She’s the sweetest and spunkiest kitten and has been a great addition to our family. She loves to nap on our desks while we are working.

She’s still warming up to her kitty sisters Athena (tabby in pictures) and Slinky. You can check out our kitties on their Instagram!

Not bad for a little runt from Calhan!