A friend for Freddy

Eddie came to Happy Cats from a situation with too many cats. Before that, he was rescued from someone who had labeled him “worthless.”

One of Eddie’s eyes was damaged, so he was very sensitive about anyone approaching him from that direction. That made him wary of both cats and people. We guess he was scared by that daily, with lots of other cats to compete with.

But once we introduced ourselves, using his name, he realized he was among friends and he started to blossom. He was in a colony with other more confident cats, but soon he was coming out for pets and purrs just like everyone else.

Raelee, who had volunteered for us before,  knew exactly how that worked with shy cats like him. She thought her own best cat friend, Kittysaurus Rex, could use a companion. To give Eddie a fresh start, but still keep that all-important connection to his name, she and her husband renamed him Freddy.

She says, “Freddy was quite scared and reluctant at first. He sought out love but would run and hide at every noise or fast movement.

Freddy’s brother, Kittysaurus Rex, has been a big support in teaching Freddy to be brave and adventurous. Freddy loves his brother and follows him around the house.

He has shown huge progress and becomes braver every day. He spends most of the day on his catdad’s lap. Freddy has found his place in our home and our hearts.”