Cuddly Callie

Beautiful calico Sugarplum showed up starving last winter at a kind person’s house. The took her in and found she was very affectionate and friendly, and loved to cuddle and watch TV.

When they brought her in to be scanned, we found she had a microchip. Her owner had adopted her years before, but added other cats who weren’t a good fit. That’s when Sugarplum found herself abandoned outside.

The owner didn’t want her back, so it was time to find someone who deserved this sweet little lady who had been through so much. Her finders felt bad they couldn’t keep her, and even bought an Adoption Kit to go home with her.

Her beautiful long fur was dull and flat from being undernourished. Her foster family knew she was afraid of dogs and we confirmed she wasn’t a fan of other cats. Small children were too much for someone who’d had to use all her wits to survive, so we knew it would take just the right family.

Amber and Ben were just starting out and wanted a cuddly cat. Sugarplum watched with those big green eyes and decided to take a chance. She let her love shine and soon she was purring in their arms.

Now named Callie, you can see she has gotten even more loving now that she’s safe and cared for. Her beautiful coat is starting to fluff out again and she’s getting healthier every day. Amber says, “She is so snuggly, we absolutely love her. She’s a great addition to our family!”