Ziggy & Zorro, the Stache Bros

Ziggy & Zorro have got to be the most handsome Stache Bros on the planet! They came to Happy Cats when their busy family was running out of time to give them the love they needed. It didn’t help that Ziggy had been diagnosed with diabetes and the medication was expensive.

That made it a little tough to find just the right adopter for these two inseparable brothers. It turns out they had a Fairy Catmother, Paige. Paige has a fondness for Siamese mix fellows like these two with their amazing Snowshoe markings, and we reached out to see if she might know someone who would be the right match.

She went even further than that! She agreed to sponsor their medication for a year after adoption, to make sure that wasn’t a barrier to them finding their forever family.

Sure enough, along came Erin and Jeremy. They had been looking for some lovable cats to share their lives with and they found that times two with what Erin calls the Fur Twins.

She says, “Nothing like two sweet mustaches to brighten up your day. We are doing well managing Ziggy’s diabetes. He is down 2 lbs with his new grain free diet. He is showing a lot more energy and spunk.”

Huge headbonks to Paige for her commitment to making sure a treatable condition didn’t split these two lovebugs apart…and to Erin and Jeremy for making sure they have the love and care they need furever!