Turtle & Batman

Paris came to us from the tragedy in Pueblo, a tiny Teen Mom who already had 6 babies who were almost as big as she was.

A beautiful tortie lady with the cutest orange eyebrows, she proved to be just as loving to people as she was to her babies. Especially when catnip was involved!

Only a few weeks later, Emily and Eric came in to look for a friend for their big black cat Batman. They found the perfect cat in little Paris!

Emily says, “Paris is wonderful! She actually goes by Turtle now, like the candy, and she is just the sweetest little love bug! She was fearless from the moment I brought her home and she and her big brother Batman have become the best of friends.

“She still doesn’t like when the dogs get excited around feeding time, but as long as she can be on a chair or the couch or something she knows they won’t bother her.

“Her personality is really starting to shine too! She has this favorite little plush toy that has a small bell on it that she will play with all the time and carry around with her.

“I also think she really loves that I work from home because if she needs attention all she has to do is jump on my desk.

“We love her so much and are so thankful she came into our lives. Thank you so much!”