Love for Lorelei

Lorelei showed up at the home of Tony, the son of one of our Happy Cats friends, and had her kittens in their crawl space. Obviously a Siamese mix, her big blue eyes were set off by her thin frame, with its unusual buff points with tabby stripes on her tail.

Patsy said, “This mom is so tiny. It’s like she’s a kitten herself.” Her white fur was dirty and she was very shy but curious, and took her time getting closer until she knew it would be safe.

Her babies got sick and our TNR Coordinator Barb Jones worked with Patsy’s daughter Delaney to help them get this tiny family inside as soon as she could. Their foster mom did a wonderful job with them.

When they came back to us, Lorelei was just the size of a 6 month old kitten, having given her all to her babies. They soon found homes, but Lorelei took some time to get brave again, once she came into our sunny Boomer Room with the other cats.

As sometimes happens with these young moms, she was a Cat’s Cat, very friendly with other cats, but a little more reticent with us. When her foster mom came to visit, though, she came right out for her.

Finally, a lady came in to visit another orange tabby kitty we had. When we found out her name was Delaney, and Lorelei shyly came out for her too, we knew it was meant to be!

Lorelei finally has the home of her dreams, where she now gets to have the kittenhood she missed out on while trying to protect her babies.

Delaney says, “She has been absolutely wonderful. She has come out of her shell completely, follows me around the house relentlessly, always is playing and chasing toys, wants endless head and chin scratches, and cuddles up in bed every night with me! An absolute dream of a cat and I am so happy with her!!”

A year later, wonderful words to hear in 2020…

Delaney adds, “She has been WONDERFUL! She is now a very social cat with me and any guests at my house, and is tied to my hip.

She has learned how to both sit and shake! I jokingly call her my pet dog with how trainable and outgoing she is. I love her a ton and I appreciate being able to adopt her from you guys!

She has been the best thing to happen to me this past year.”