Link & Zelda are Pawsitively Purrfect

Brother and sister Link and Zelda came to Happy Cats several years ago, big tabby cats with big expressive eyes. Zelda’s are green and Link’s are blue, showing off his Siamese heritage.

Known as Romeo and Juliet then, they came to us when their person brought them on a hot day in July from a town 45 minutes away. He had crammed them in a plastic storage tote with the lid on tight and not a single air hole. They were so terrified and stressed, they had eliminated all over themselves. There was barely any air in the container by the time we opened it and it’s a wonder they didn’t perish in there.

When asked why he hadn’t used a carrier, he said he’d used it for the dogs and it was dirty. We quickly got the cats out and into safety and moved on.

The siblings were understandably shellshocked, but still trusting little souls. Soon they were both purring for us again. Link was just as thin as Zelda was plump. He had some pain when eating, so we provided him a dental. That seemed to help his appetite and he started to gain a little weight. As beautiful as they are, they were quickly adopted by a nice couple, who reported at their 3 month follow-up that Zelda had lost a little weight and Link was gaining. They were both playing and happy.

Fast forward 2 years and back they came because of allergies. They were back to their previous beach bodies, a little too plump and a little too thin. Off they went into foster care, where Zelda got controlled portions. Even though it appeared his eyesight was limited, Link was still very agile, so he got to eat all he wanted on a higher shelf. After a couple of months, Zelda had safely lost 3 pounds and was happily playing again! Link was stable but continued to be picky until we started using treats to clicker train them. Both cats loved their training, coming to their names and offering adorable Sit Pretties. Link loved that, hopeful at the door for more clicks and treats!

Jeremy and Britta had been looking for kitty companions for a while. Britta has a veterinary medical background, so it seemed like a natural fit. When they came in to meet them, how could they resist the power of those eyes?!

They tell us that both are eating well and playing with their old toys as well as new ones. Almost into their senior years, they passed their checkups with our partners Faithful Friends Animal Hospital, as long as sweet Zelda stays on her diet :-). Jeremy and Britta say, “We would like to thank all of you at Happy Cats again for helping us find these amazing cats and if we have any questions in the future we won’t hesitate to give you a call! They are pawsitively purrfect in every way!”