Tonka and Casito


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We adopted Vanilla (now Casito) over 3 years ago and he has been absolutely wonderful. A few months ago we decided that he needed a little brother so we went back to Happy Cats Haven in search of the perfect friend for him. Tonka came home with us and within just a few hours, he and Casito were inseparable.

Tonka compliments him in every way and they are both loving and sweet. Tonka is definitely the more outgoing of the two, greeting everyone at the door and demanding attention until they leave. Casito is quiet and laid back, preferring to get comfortable in one of our laps or curled up near the fireplace.

Tonka, still the playful kitten, keeps us entertained; he loves water so we occasionally find him in the shower or sink when he isn’t darting from room to room in search of a toy or bug to chase. They are special boys and we enjoy having the two of them in our lives. Thank you Happy Cats!