Stoney & Meatloaf are adopted!


Snuggle Bunny





Adoption Fee


Hi! I’m Meatloaf! I’m a soft, sleek black boy with big yellow eyes. I’m a real cuddle bug, so feel free to pick me up and snuggle me! I also love rubbing up against your legs and getting face and back scratches. I’m also very playful, and love wand toys like the Go Cat Sparkler!

And I’m Stoney! I’m a handsome young man with black and white fur (with a cute little freckle on my nose!) and wide yellow-green eyes. I’m not as pick-up-able as my brother, but I still love a good cuddle. If you pet and snuggle me, I may roll over on my back to show you how much I love and trust you. Just don’t pet my belly!

We’re looking for a loving home together. We’re both about a year and a half old, so we’re $80 each. However, thanks to the Friends and Family discount, one of us will be half off, which means you can adopt us both for $120!

You can click here to fill out an Adoption Application. Someone should get back to you within 48 hours after you send it in. If you’d like to contact someone more quickly, please call 719-362-4600 to make an appointment to meet us!