Loki & Bagheera Are Adopted!


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Loki and Bagheera are two handsome boys looking for a home together. They love to cuddle up with together and groom each other. They enjoy scratching on carboard scratchers. These boys would do well in most home with gentle calm children and other cat friendly pets.

Bagheera, the micro panther, is the more outgoing one from the duo. He will be first to greet you when you come into the room with purrs and head bonks. He loves to play with feathery wand toys and might bat around a jingle ball.

Loki is the shyer of the duo and will need a gentle approach when first meeting him. Sitting on the floor will help him to realize you mean him no harm and he will likely be able to warm up to you faster this way. Once he is warmed up to you he is a very sweet and loving boy and will happily give you purrs and head bonks. Since he is still fairly young, playtime will be an important part of his daily routine! He loves feathery wand toys, just like his friend Bagheera.

These lovely boys are at our dear friends, Catology! If you would like to meet these boys please fill out an adoption application and one of our Adoption Counselors will call you to talk with you about next steps!

They are approximately 2 years old and you can adopt them for $135 which includes their neuters, vaccinations, microchips, food and litter starter kit and a free well-kitty checkup to help you get started

When you adopt both they qualify under the Friend’s and Family discount which would make one of them 50% off! Already included in the price above!

You can tap here to fill out an Adoption Application. Someone should get back to you within 48 hours after you send it in. Please call 719-362-4600 to make an appointment to meet me!