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Fitz at firstBaby Fitz had a very rough start. Born at a hoarder’s, he was found when Happy Cats Board Member Barb was called to the scene. Along with scores of cats, kittens in all stages of ill health were strewn everywhere. Fitz was the only living kitten found inside the house. He was immediately placed into foster care, so shut down his ears didn’t stand up, likely from being punished no matter what he did.

Fitz @ Happy CatsHis brothers and sisters blossomed under foster mom Ramie’s care. Although Fitz got well, he stayed emotionally frozen. Once the others were adopted, Ramie focused on him, using Clicker and Play Therapy as well as habituating him gradually to normal household sounds, sights and smells.
Fitz plays @ Happy CatsFitz was much improved when he came into the Haven, his beautiful blue-green eyes now wide open to take in everything. He tended to hide on the catwalk at first, avoiding touch with all but the most gentle.

Fitz @ Happy CatsAs he got more accustomed to people, his little personality came out, flirting with staff through the door and enticing other cats and kittens to play.

Spooner @ Happy CatsThen along came Spooner, a cute orange tabby with a little half tail and eyes as blue as Fitz’s. Spooner was as outgoing as Fitz was shy.

Fitz 3> SpoonerThe next thing we knew, Fitz was spooning with Spooner and the two boys were inseparable, a true Ebony and Ivory pairing.

Anubis & Khafre @ HomeWe knew it would take just the right adopter, not only someone who wanted two active kittens but someone with a gentle hand to continue to bring out the best in Fitz.

Khafre & Anubis @ HomeKristin was that person, ready for the whirlwind and up to the task of letting Fitz improve at his own pace, so as not to set him back.

Anubis & Khafre @ HomeKristin loves Ancient Egypt, so Fitz is now Anubis and Spooner is now Khafre.

Khafre & Anubis @ HomeYou can see how lucky these little ones are, with their naps in front of the fire, their kitten games on their nice new cat tree, their wrestling matches all over the house and of course, their orange and black snuggle sessions.

Khafre & Anubis @ HomeThey are even making sure Kristin stays healthy by not spending too much time on the computer :)!

Kristin reports that Anubis gets more social every day. The two boys are still joined at the hip, best friends and little purr machines, Kristin says.

Her commitment to them has really paid off as she readies them for their next adventures, likely several moves with her as she completes her training in the Air Force. Travel is challenging, but they are bouncing back well. Thank you, Kristin, for being that very special person for these very special little fellows!

We also want to report that, thanks to Barb and Happy Cats friend Carmel, 11 kittens were rescued from that hoarder, spayed or neutered, and adopted. In addition, 55 cats were also spayed or neutered, preventing potentially hundreds more kittens and cats from needless suffering.