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Max came to us when Happy Cats friend Debbie was entrusted with his care after his catmom died. She knew we would do our best to find him a loving new home. He’s a handsome bobtailed Manx mix and had not lived with any other cats in his whole ten years.

Along came Mason, who adopted Max with their parents during the pandemic last year. Last fall Mason said, “Max has fit right into our family so easily, its hard to imagine life without him!

I’d say his favorite activities are looking out the window, cuddling, and exploring hidey-holes. I have a window seat for him in my bedroom, and every morning he waits for me to open the blinds so he can hop up and look at the world outside.

He also loves how sunny it gets in the afternoon. Here’s one of his favorite napping spots.

Max loves to be around people, and he’ll always start purring very loudly when pet. He wants to know what’s behind closed doors or cabinets, and sometimes he’ll meow until you let him explore for a little bit, but that’s about as much trouble as he wants to get into!

I think his favorite toy is his catnip mouse and a reusable shopping bag. I gave it to him one day and he went nuts- climbing inside it, biting it, and eventually sitting on top of it.

I think the cutest thing that Max does is the fact that he has decided to sleep in my bed every night. He’ll come and go whenever he needs to, but he always ends up curled right next to me, and I almost can’t sleep without him being there anymore!”

And now Max is an adventurer! He recently said goodbye to Pikes Peak to move with Mason to Chicago! He settled right in, napping on his heated bed and playing with string every chance he gets.

Mason says thanks for helping them adopt such a sweet cat. We say thanks for giving such a sweet cat such a wonderful new life!

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