Liz & Darcy’s Adoptaversary

Twin tabby sisters Liz and Layla celebrated their adoptaversary with their catmom Corrine, who also makes adoption blankets for other Happy Cats! She says,

“Liz Lemon and D’arcy (previously known as Layla and Athena respectively) are doing so great!

We moved into a larger home, my first home purchase!, back in September. The girlies love running up and down the open stairs and playing fetch!

We also have lots of windows here so they can watch the birds, and they have some bunny friends that they like to watch every day.

We saw the vet a couple of days ago and she said they look super healthy! And we have been practicing brushing teeth, so the vet was extra pleased!

We also like to cuddle on the couch together. We are the happiest little family!