Autumn Joy’s blessing

Autumn is my third kitty to adopt from Happy Cats Haven.  She came to Happy Cats when she was abandoned in a Manitou neighborhood and rescued by some kind neighbors.

I love this girl.  She is beautiful.  Gorgeous autumn colors, thus why I named her Autumn.  And Joy for she has brought much joy to the household.

She is a sweet girl, very roly poly.  I call her my butterball kitty as her body is so round.  I wonder if she has ragdoll in her.  She is beautiful and she is affectionate and very sweet.

Hard to believe that this gorgeous girl was abandoned twice by previous owners.  I promised her a lifetime with me so long as I’m alive.  She is a cuddler.  So soft.  Beautiful full long fur that doesn’t mat.  Soft petite meow.  I am so thankful for her.