Twenty on Spot


Spot’s update comes with a built in poem twist. Of Spot (FKA MJ) his family says: “You know him as MJ. Now his name is Spot. It works better for him and us too. He is a wonderful addition to our home and an incredibly amusing pet. Thanks for your good work!”

Twenty on Spot

I have a cat, his name is Spot.
He’s mostly black–white where he’s not.
And on his nose is one black dot
Right at the tip, his name thus got.
Spot drinks fresh water from the tap
Before and after every nap
Then prowls around to see if Hap-
penstance perchance provides a lap.
No pedigree but as you see
He’s just as ‘cat’ as cats may be,
Endowed with feline entropy
And dinner induced catly glee.
Spot has a bed with splendid views
Where he can watch the evening news
Or Juncos and a Chickadee
That come and entertain for free.
He has a bowl, a box, a quilt,
A big old chair that’s nicely built.
That chair was mine or seemed to be,
Perhaps he’ll share his chair with me.

Jon Tschannen

Perhaps, Jon. Perhaps!

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