The author’s muses

During the years, K.B. Wagers has adopted Ozymandias, Garrus, Rigel, and River Song from us. They have been supporting our mission since we were at our old location, and came to us thru a process of grieving and loss. We love to be a vehicle for healing and solace. This is why our Happy Cats community feels so bonded!

K.B. is the author of the science fiction Indranan War Trilogy (the first of which, Behind the Throne, has been optioned for film and television by legendary UK film producer David Barron, and the second, After the Crown, which has a dedication to Happy Cats’ kitten therapy :-). The Farian War Trilogy continues the saga of gunrunner-turned-empress Hail Bristol. Their most recent offering, A Pale Light in the Black, is a whole new space adventure.

Their books can be found both in classical, Kindle and audiobook format from several online retailers, as well as at your local library. We are stoked to have such a remarkable artist in our midst! Please show them some love and check out their website!