Look at you, Lucy Lou!

Senior Lucy came to us when her elderly guardian couldn’t care for her any more. She’d grown up with a sister, but had lost her 8 years before, becoming increasingly withdrawn.

She came with her very own cat tree and spent lots of time in it, observing the action in the office where she lived. She had a grumbly little voice and we nicknamed her Lucy Lou.

Slowly she emerged to be a loving and purry little lady. It was pretty clear she hadn’t had much playtime over the years, as she was more than a little chonky.

But it turned out she hadn’t forgotten how to play…she just needed a little encouragement. We started limiting her food a bit and she became more and more active. We used her cat tree as her workout equipment!

Still, she kept getting overlooked. At 15 and needing a fairly quiet home to bring out her best, she patiently waited for her One and Only.

Finally, Carolyn came looking for a new kitty companion. Soon, she was on her way home.

Carolyn tells us that Lucy “is quite a great talkative companion, follows me everywhere and tells me quite adamantly that she wants attention!”

She is now a svelte ten pounds, down from almost 13 when she was with us. She gets to go for stroller rides now and of course, still gets the occasional treat. And this Christmas, she has her very own catmom to cozy up with.

Merry Catmas to you and lucky Lucy too, Carolyn!