Sing like a Lark

Senior Charlotte is a beautiful white patched torbie with stunning green eyes. She came to us after she was retired as a Hemo Hero from donating blood to save the lives of cats all over the country.

Suzanne was looking for an older cat to blend in with their active, older lifestyle and Charlotte has fit in perfectly. She says, “We changed Charlotte’s name to Lark since she’s so chirpy–talks all of the time.

“Happy Cats Haven gifted Lark with a little blanket when we adopted her. [Thanks to all the volunteers who make these for our kitties!] We put it on the bottom shelf of one of our end tables, and she loves to sit there.

“She is a real delight and has brought us so much joy. I think she’s the smartest cat I’ve ever had. She watches TV and loves to play video games designed for cats. She’s a real hoot!”

Thank you for giving this sweet senior lady the perfect place to spend her golden years!