Kiki the Survivor

Kiki is definitely a survivor. This big, sweet tabby lady had been turned into a local shelter after surviving a house fire. It was so bad that her poor little ears were burned and curled with scar tissue.

Then she was rescued from their euthanasia list by a local companion pet blood bank.

During her time there, she became a Hemo Hero, giving blood monthly for a year so that other cats in veterinary crises could live. This didn’t dampen her love for humans one bit. Especially her love of riding on shoulders!

This is a trait we try to discourage in our foster kittens. While adorable in a kitten, having a 12-pound cat suddenly leap on your back or shoulders can be scary for some people. In fact, this trait can be enough to land a cat back at a shelter if a new adopter isn’t prepared for it.

Kiki was with us only a couple of weeks before Jim and his son Jackson came to visit. They had lost everything they had in a house fire in California (including their 3 beloved cats) as well as all the memories they held dear from his late wife and late son.

Our Adoptions Manager Andrea told them the story about Kiki surviving a house fire and also being one of our Heroes. When they finally went into the room to meet her, of course she hopped onto the son’s shoulder and did her classic kitty scarf thing. The rest was history.

As Jim says, “Kiki and Jackson have certainly bonded!! She is 100% home with us.”