Blissful Bliss 2

Bliss came to us when a kind employee at a county shop found her wandering in the machinery and chemicals, unfazed. They were worried she was going to get seriously hurt.

It turns out she already was. Upon intake, our Medical Assistant Ben noticed there was something wrong with her rear end. To his shock, it appeared that her tail had been stripped down to the bone.

Once he and Carole got her in, they realized she had probably had a head trauma too, as she had a significant head tilt.

She was also probably almost completely deaf, which explained her inability to stay away from danger.

She was scheduled for a tail amputation and had gotten into foster care when what was left of her tail fell off ?! Her foster mom rushed her in and they did an emergency amputation.

Through it all, she stayed the sweet little lady she was when she walked in the door.

Fortunately, one of our wonderful volunteer families fell in love with her! Jenna says, “Bliss is a very outgoing kitty and has become the center of attention in our home. She loves being where her humans are and gives licks on the cheek if you nuzzle her.

“Her head tilt seems more subtle and her tail is healed from the procedure that cauterized the exposed vertebrae.

“She caught on quickly to give high fives, she is the secretary of the family and loves venturing out in the park in her backpack.

“Her will to live thru the trauma has touched our hearts, and we are very grateful to have such a unique kitty in our home.

“Deep heartfelt gratitude to DD, Charleen, Genesis, Carole, Sara, Katherine and the many volunteers at HCH as well as the people who donated to help give this kitty a pain free life.”

Sleep in safety now, little Bliss!

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  • Cindy Cowlishaw

    I am SO looking forward to touring your new facility. My next family member will be from there. Bless you for all you do for the critters so in need.

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