Stormy and Misty’s Journey

A year ago my girls came to their forever home.

It had been some time since we had lost our last fur baby and we had finished traveling for a while and so I started looking. I had some specifics in mind, they had to be adopted from a reputable shelter, they needed to be feline, and preferably a bonded pair of females. The only other wish was that they be grey in color. I started watching the local cat adoptions online. Happy Cats Haven had them!

There they were, beautiful grey little girls, rescued from Hurricane Harvey! Originally dubbed Dolly and Patsy, they are now Stormy and Misty. They appear to be Russian Blue Mix kitties so beautiful in coat and color, their eyes are gold and green. Stormy is solid grey with shadowy undercoat with grey whiskers and piercing golden eyes. Misty is that same beautiful grey with little white socks and a white kerchief blazoned on her chest like she has a napkin tied around her neck with white whiskers and pretty soft green eyes. Everything about Misty is soft.

There isn’t a day that passes that these two little loves bring us joy and laughter. The girls have drastically different personalities and have different body styles, but once in a while they look at you with the same turn in their head and twist of their tails. Stormy is lean and a fierce hunter type while Misty is rounder and softer and content to watch her sisters’ shenanigans.

The girls came to us a shy and skittish pair that must have gone thru some tough times. Now a year later I can scoop up Misty if it is from behind, she still doesn’t like someone coming straight to her. The funny thing is she will come by me and do this jumping rub against my leg and pause for a moment for me to scoop her up and give her a loving scratch behind her ears and under her chin.

Stormy will allow me to scoop for a very short minute, and gently put her back down. She however won’t be in a room I’m not in. I have my own personal parade as I go up and down the stairs going about my day. Where Misty is distant and watchful Stormy is in my face and my computer and my bead table and my plate and my shower. She offers zero personal space and yet won’t let me hold her.

Stormy also likes to fetch at all times of day and night. We have gone thru a multitude of toys to find one that she won’t eat. Tinsel balls were the favorite until she started pulling out the pieces of tinsel and eating them… made for colorful poop! So after concerns of her swallowing things she is not supposed to we are now on to funny little play mice. Misty will occasionally play fetch but it is a laser light that will have them both enjoying a romp across the room.

I knew these girls would need regular entertainment and exercise as a happier cat is one that is more likely to have good behavior, so we are outfitted with a number of scratching posts, Trees and all kinds of toys. Occasionally I move the sofa to get all the little toys they have lost under there and put them in a basket. They will take them out and bat them all over the house and play forever fetch. Stormy especially loves this game at 3:30ish in the morning. She will sit on top of me and quietly meow, and if that doesn’t wake me then some gentle needling in the breast will do the trick. The other morning, I woke to a sea of colorful little toy mouse around my bed. I can only imagine what Stormy would bring to me if she could hunt outside.

Now we are comfortably settled into our routine and working on loving each girl as she prefers. I am so happy every morning to wake and find them at the end of the bed curled around each other and can barely discern one from the other, they let me love on them until they stretch and wake to start the day.

Stormy and Misty (formerly Dolly and Patsy)