The Star Wars Family

Princess Leia came from a home with too many cats.

She was brought in with her 3 almost-grown daughters who looked a lot like her, with their pretty orange coats. If left unspayed, her three daughters could have produced at least another dozen cats this year alone, each of who had the potential of producing a litter of its own this year too.

Leia was very pregnant, so she immediately went into care with one of our wonderful foster families. Within a few days, Mama Leia had her 6 babies! Leia was a wonderful mom and in spite of her rough past, she taught her kittens to trust the kind people taking care of them.

When it came time to find homes for the kittens, Chewbacca and Han Solo (who was actually one of the girls) turned out to be best friends. We offered them as a bonded pair, as we always do with cats whose behavior shows us they like each other. A young family of Star Wars fans found them online and came to meet them. Of course they fell in love with these two handsome little guys.

They didn’t realize until they got home that their mother had been in a different colony room. The family talked it over. How could they leave her behind? They asked if we thought it was a good idea to reunite mother with children. Not all momcats want to be with their kittens after weaning, but we thought Leia would.

Dad Justin was back the next day to adopt her too, in a triple play adoption. We’ve had several of those before, but never one where mom got to stay with her children! They are already settling in, cuddling together and being harness trained, a perfect way for these 3 outgoing cats to get safe outside time together. (Click here for more information on how to harness train your confident cat.)

Over 40% of our adoptions go to friends and family like Princess Leia and her kittens Han and Chewie. Thanks to their wonderful adopters for helping us keep together yet another Happy Cat Family!