Kili comforts his new big brother

Clark came to happy cats with his brothers and sister, the Explorers. They were rescued as little orphans trying to survive outside. Their foster family did a great job and all of them were happy-go-lucky little kittens.

Clark went to be the friend of a big tabby fellow named Darcy. We don’t always know how a grownup cat will respond to a kitten, but we do our best to match them with our Rainbow Purrsonality Scale.

Now named Kili, his new guardians say he slipped right into their little family, alternately grooming, biting and sleeping on top of his new big brother (and vice versa!).

It turns out Darcy had a health scare and got very sick right after Kili moved in. After lots of tests and worries about cancer, he’s been diagnosed with an inflamed pancreas.

During it all, Kili was a real comfort for Darcy. His new mom Steph says “I think he made an unexpected tough time much better for Darcy. Thanks again for this wonderful little guy!”