Keesa the Catfish goes home 3

Sassy senior Keesa came to us in late 2016 because her guardian had been forced to live in her car and was afraid Keesa would freeze. She was a fluffy little gal with white whiskers that made her look a little like a catfish.

Keesa must have had some bad experiences with other cats, because she just couldn’t handle colony life. Fortunately, our friends at Catagonia Cat Hotel provided a nice private room for her for much of 2017, leaving her to yell at us from her condo (between walks on her leash) for only a few months ????.

Then we got a call from Kaitlyn, who is in the Air Force. She was looking for a senior and loved that our little gal was a bit of a diva (as you can tell from our Game of Crowns outtake ????!

Volunteer & Board member Maria had worked with Keesa to where she trusted her so much, she was putty in her arms. She did the meet & greet and was thrilled to see that Kaitlyn was really patient, with the respect that Keesa needed. The adoption was a go!

Maria did the home installation we do for some of our TLC cats and Keesa walked right out of her carrier and started exploring her new home.

Thank you, Kaitlyn, for giving this feisty little senior the love she waited so long for!

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