Local Resources for Rehoming Your Cat in Colorado Springs


Happy Cats Haven is a small facility, so at any given time we have 30 to 40 cats on our waiting list with a wait time of 2-4 months. If you need help keeping your cat because of behavior issues, please contact us.

Here are some other organizations in the Pikes Peak area that may have room for your cat:





  • Cat Care Society
    5787 6th Avenue
    Lakewood, CO 80214
    Phone: 303-239-9680
    Email: (see webpage for email form)




  • Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet
    This is a listing service by the national adoption directory Adopt-a-Pet. We recommend going with a local shelter if possible, but if you need assistance finding a larger audience for a home for your cat, they may be helpful.

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