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Along with our Ask Ms Kitty Helpline, we offer articles to help you solve your cat or kitten’s problems (and help your cat or kitten solve their people problems too)!

Check out our recent articles here:

Raising happy kittens: myth & truth

Courage for your Cowardly Lion

Can my cat catch COVID-19?

COVID-19: Who cares for my cat if I’m sick?

Helping elder parents with their cats

Natural solutions for kitty stress

Resolve to play with your kitty!

A puppy for my dog & cat?

Does my senior cat need a friend?

Biting cats: love nips or not?

Love hurts: grief & your cat

Solving Problems by Giving Cats Options

Do You Really Know How to Pet a Cat?

Medicating Your Cat: Not as Daunting as You Think

Secrets for a Healthy Cat

TNR: Helping Outside Cats

Feed Your Cat Naturally: Puzzle Feeders

Enrich Your Kitty’s Environment

Is Your Cat a Bully?

Twelve Tips for Getting Your Cat in a Carrier

Cats & Babies

Cat Stress First Aid

The Great Indoor/Outdoor Debate

Cat Boarding or Cat Sitting?

How to Move with Your Cat

Cats & Litter Boxes: What’s the Big Deal?

Can a Kitten Be Declawed at Birth?

A Christmas Kitten

Big headbonks to Carole Galloway of Colorado CATS for managing our Ask Ms Kitty Helpline and for writing some of our articles.

Purrs to Melissa Shandley of Play & Treat Pet Service for also writing some articles.

Thanks also to to Life After 50 for publishing our monthly Ask Ms Kitty column.

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Absolutely floored: cats & remodeling

Absolutely floored: cats & remodeling

Remodeling and redecorating is a big trend this year, with spending more time at home in the office, or saving money by entertaining at home. Thanks for considering your kitties in your plans! Territory is very important to cats, so changes in their environment can be...

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Cat costumes: trick, treat or torment?

Cat costumes: trick, treat or torment?

Dear Ms Kitty, I see all these adorable costumes for pets in my local pet supply store, but when I try to put a costume on my cat Frodo, he acts like I’m trying to kill him. Why can’t he just go along with it like my dog Bilbo does? Costumed in Castle Rock Dear...

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