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Introducing Tiger and Fliedermaus! Tiger is the darker ginger tabby and Maus is the shimmery buff gent. They both have gorgeous green eyes. Please scroll down to see their photo portfolio!

They came to Happy Cats when they lost their guardian and were taken in by our friends at Harley’s Hope Foundation. They were very sad at first, especially Maus, but have blossomed with love and care.

Tiger is the most outgoing of the two. When you sit on the floor he will be first to come out for all the love and attention and will likely flop onto his side to show you his big belly.

Showing his belly is not necessarily an invitation to a belly pet but rather his way of showing you that he is comfortable with your presence. As you can see, he’s a playful guy and enjoys wand toys, laser pointers, and of course, cat dancers.

Fliedermaus is German for bat, but all his friends call him Maus! He is the shyer brother of the two and will need a softer approach when first coming to meet him.

Sitting on the floor and talking sweetly to him is a great way to get him to come out of his hiding spot. Once he is out of his hiding spot he will enjoy cheek and chin scratches.

Surrounding and sudden sounds may send him back to his hiding spot but as long as you’re there reassuring him he’ll come out again soon enough. He loves cat dancer toys especially when they are close to the floor!

They are both loving and affectionate, ready to trade pets for purrs and be your best Kitty Secretaries. These boys would do best in a calmer household without young children. Maus might thrive best in a home without other active pets.

They are approximately 6 years old and you can adopt them for $90 which includes their neuters, vaccinations, microchips, food & litter starter kit and a free well-kitty checkup with one of our vet partners.

These boys have been through a lot and have each others’ backs. They are bonded and need to be adopted together.

When you adopt them both together they qualify for the Friends and Family discount which would make one of them 50% off! The boys come with a small scratcher, large covered box and the cubby you see in the photos.

You can click here to fill out an Adoption Application. Someone should get back to you within 48 hours after you send it in. Please call 719-362-4600 to make an appointment to meet them!