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Robin was probably someone’s sweet little gray and white kitten at one point, taught to love the touch of humans. But somewhere along the way, she lost the people she loved and found herself pregnant and alone, trying to make a life on the streets.
Charm & LeoRobin and her kittens, Charm and Leo, were trapped and put through the Trap-Neuter-Return program at HSPPR for their surgeries, evident from their tipped ears. Happy Cats helped the kittens find their forever homes when we first opened in late 2011.

An adult by then, Robin took a little longer to trust humans again. The people who owned the shed where she had her kittens took her under their wing. Slowly, she came around. Then a few months ago, we got word the family had moved, leaving her behind.

Robin @ Happy CatsOur kind trapper Barb made sure she came in from the cold. Barb said she was one of the sweetest kitties she ever met. Her small white mittens and cute pink pads are proudly used to give people great hugs. With her green-gray doe eyes, she cutely begs for cuddles by staring and purring for your attention.

Mary & RobinMeanwhile, Mary and her family were looking for their perfect kitty. It was love at first sight and quite possibly, Robin picked them! “Even in the original picture I took of my daughter before we left Happy Cats after meeting all the cats, Robin has her paw around Mary’s waist…too cute,” says Ann, Mary’s mom.

Some cats just know they found the right person to love. Even though they hunt solo when in the wild, cats are social animals in their colonies. “Robin loves to be held and cuddled and loved. She has turned out to be a perfect cat for my daughter and our family. She’s very loyal to Mary and is most comfortable around her, but lets us all hold and pet her,” says Ann.

“I think it really helped us to be able to come to Happy Cats and take our time with all the cats to determine which one would be a good fit. We thank you for all you guys do there!!”

Some cats are feral. Some cats are domestic. For Robin, her feral days are a distant memory as she spends her time cuddling with Mary. “I can’t ever imagine our sweet kitty on the streets. So glad she has a safe home now.”
Robin hugs Mary