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Olaf @ Happy Cats
Olaf and Honey have a very special story. Olaf was found with his sisters Anna, Elsa and Svenya last winter as babies, literally frozen outside in the cold. He had a wonderful foster mom, but his early trauma haunted him.

Olaf loves DustyGrowing up at Happy Cats, he made wonderful friends with the other cats. He wasn’t so sure about people though. He finally got to where he could tolerate an occasional pet, but we never found his sweet spot.

Honey @ Happy CatsEnter Honey, a scrapper who came in off the streets where he was put through the TNR program. He regularly got scratches on his nose from needing to be reminded that other kitties needed a little more personal space. Since Olaf is what we call a Cat’s Cat, preferring cats to people, he didn’t seem to mind. Pretty soon a little bromance started to brew and next thing we knew, shy Olaf and sassy Honey were grooming and snuggling.

Honey loves Olaf
Because of our loyal volunteers and donors, these two boys had all the time they needed to find each other at Happy Cats.

olafhoneyricorichieyinyangAlong came Paula, who was apparently the person Olaf had been waiting for because she was able to walk right up and pet him!

Paula and her husband had been waiting a long time for just the right kitties to come along. Now named Rico and Richie, the boys sleep with them at night and get playtime at least twice a day. Paula says, “Their favourite toys (after us buying half the toy section at PetSmart!) are a net laundry hamper & my hair ties. Oh & Richie LOVES the plastic/rubber ends off of door stops – the first thing he will do when he enters a room is to check if he has pulled off the door stop cap!! I recently found a hoard of them in one of our spare bedrooms as he had pushed them under the door!”
Bless you for your big hearts and may these two characters continue to delight you the rest of their lives!