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Say hello to catolescents Rascal and Pumpkin! Rascal is the pretty Snowshoe mix with telltale blue eyes that show off her Siamese heritage. Her sister Pumpkin is a beautiful silver tuxedo girl. Rascal has cute tufts of fur at the tips of her ears, and Pumpkin is the more vocal with an adorable squeak-like meow. They came from a situation with too many kitties.

These two have distinct looks and personalities, but they are inseparable sisters! As the old crooners sang, “There were never such devoted sisters.”

They love playing together, and it’s quite entertaining to watch them play tag, hide-n-seek and have friendly wrestling matches all over the house! Rascal’s favorite toy is a simple pipecleaner, and Pumpkin likes to bat around small cloth balls. They both love kitty wand toys too, especially when you’re on the other end!

Rascal is the slightly larger and more laid-back kitty. Pumpkin is a bit smaller, but a bundle of kitten energy. They will start out as Funny Valentines but will soon show their loving Snuggle Bunny sides once they know you’re kind. They can be picked up and often ask for pets from their foster mom.

When playtime is over, they love to settle in for snuggles all night long. Or almost all night, as they always bring a toy or two to bed to play with!

They do well with other nice cats and the small dogs they lived with, and should do well in just about any home except those with very small children. They are awesome cats and will bring a lot of fun and joy to the home lucky enough to have them!  

As bonded catolescents, they can be adopted together for $200, which includes their spays, vaccinations, microchips, food & litter starter kits and a free wellness checkup each with one of our partner vets. They also go home with their cat tunnel, two beds, a litter box each, their blankets and lots of toys!

You can tap here to fill out an Adoption Application for these sweet little sisters. They are in a loving foster home now, so please call us at 719-362-4600 to arrange a visit. Someone should get back to you during our adoption hours Wednesday – Sunday by 5 pm.