Olivia & Simon’s Adoption Day


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Simon @ Happy Cats

Simon was found as a tiny orphan kitten with his brothers Alvin and Theo. He was raised by wonderful foster mom Zona who socialized him really well.

His brothers were adopted quickly but Simon had a little eye infection, so he had to stay and heal. He was put on hold by a nice young couple, but their housing fell through so they released him back for adoption after 3 weeks.

Simon ♥ OliviaThen Megan and Chris came in with their little girl, Olivia. It didn’t take long before they fell in love with Simon too. They looked like perfect adopters, but when we started the process, they said they needed to wait 3 more weeks.

How could they not take home this wonderful kitten right away? Then they explained: in 3 weeks, Olivia was going to have her Adoption Day, becoming officially a part of the family. They wanted her to be able to adopt Simon on the same day.

Simon waits for Olivia
Of course we said yes. Simon waited patiently, watching other kittens come and go. We finally added Ellicat and Lizzy, getting senior Ellicat to chase around like a youngster and letting Lizzy be his temporary mom. Everybody loved Simon; we wished we could clone him! Olivia visited Simon every weekend.

Olivia's Adoption Day


Adoption Day finally arrived. Olivia got to skip school to go to court, where she got to bang the gavel during her ceremony. Her parents had waited 22 long months to know she would never have to leave them.

Simon ♥ Olivia

Then it was Simon’s turn. While Megan and Chris readied paperwork and the carrier, Olivia helped with Simon. They had brought a collar, but Simon wasn’t used to it so we showed them how to go more slowly with a thinner one. We talked about how to introduce Simon to his two grown adopted kitty sisters.

Ellicat helps Simon pick out his toys

Olivia showed us a new locket from her grandmother that she said would hold pictures of Simon and her parents. Ellicat helped Simon choose some toys to take home and said goodbye.

Simon goes home!

Finally they were on their way. Olivia said she’d had a very busy day but she was happy to be taking home the best kitten in the world. We’re so happy he gets to grow up with his best little girl in the world too!
Olivia ♥ Simon